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Exercise Of The Week

Exercise of the week!

Today we are going over a couple different exercises that you can do at home to help with plantar fasciitis or if the bottoms of your feet are giving you trouble. You can also use these if your arches are starting to collapse.

A quick easy test to see if your arches are collapsing is if you set up anything that's square against the bottom of your foot, in this situation we use a yoga block. Your ankle should be able to touch the block. You can see that Nikki's foot has a slight collapse since there's a little bit of a gap between her ankle and the block.

In the first exercise we use a little blue ball. Begin at the base of each toe and roll all the way to the heel. Then pump the ball in between each of the toes along the middle of the foot until the beginning of the heel. You can also use the ball and pump it along the arch of your foot.

Next grab a dish towel, set it on the floor and stand at the edge. Try to curl the towel with your toes.

Follow that with some calf raises. You can do this against the wall to help with balance or in front of a chair. Start with your feet together and try and come up to your toes about 10 times. Then keep the heels together and turn the toes out to the side and come up to the balls of your feet 10 times, lastly turn the heels out so the toes are facing each other and come up to the balls of your feet 10 times.

Finish everything off with a calf stretch against the wall. Try and point your toes up towards the ceiling and then lean into the wall for a greater stretch. Hold for 30 seconds to a minute and repeat three times.😃@nikki_pettel #chiropractor #movewell #scspineandsport #livewell #feelwell #rehab #therapy #santacruz #plantarfasciitis #exercise