It is health not wealth that is the true pieces of gold and silver
— Mahatma Gandhi

Justin McLeod, DC

Dr. Justin McLeod, DC has was voted Best Chiropractor in Santa Cruz Weekly in 2010 and 2012, and he continues to be a leader in his field through hundreds of hours of post graduate certifications with an emphasis in sports injuries and soft tissue healing.  Using full spine adjusting and extremity adjusting (CCEP) with his a unique blend of pressure point therapy (HMT),  and movement based massage (ART) he is able to get fast lasting results. After the patient receives body work he has them work with a personal trainer who goes over therapeutic exercises, stretches, and movement pattern corrections.

Dr. Justin McLeod, DC became interested in chiropractic at the age of 16 while sustaining multiple injuries from football and soccer. He started seeing a chiropractor and became fascinated with how the human body worked and healed.  After hyper extending his elbow and fracturing the radial head he wasn't able to straighten his arm past 90 Degrees.  The MDs were a great in helping to diagnosis the hairline fracture but as far as the soft tissue damage their solutions was to take medications for the pain, rest and ice. His Dad guided him to Tobe Hanson who has created a unique blend of Acupuncture and a Applied Kinesiology, called HMT.  In one visit he was able to fully straighten my elbow without pain. The speed at which he recovered was nothing short of a miracle to him. 

Through his injuries he has experienced both Eastern and Western medicine and liked how chiropractic combined the two. Dr. Justin McLeod, DC received his undergraduate pre-medical training while at Brigham Young University while on academic scholorship and completed his formal chiropractic training at Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, California in 2007

Unlike other doctors of chiropractic who believe that the patient must get adjusted several times per week to remain healthy, Dr. Justin McLeod, DC believes that by balancing out the function of the 650 muscles in the body, that the 210 bones have a much better chance of staying aligned and therefore need less frequent adjustments. Dr. Justin McLeod, DC believes that he is succeeding when his patients don't need to come into the office regularly

Dr. Mcleod riding Jack Ass Ridge

Dr. Mcleod riding Jack Ass Ridge

Continued education and Certifications

  • 2005 Active Release (A.R.T.) Upper Extremity
  • 2006 Active Release (A.R.T.) Spine
  • 2007 (A.R.T.) Lower Extremity
  • 2007 Graston Technique Certified
  • 2007 Certified Chiro Extremities Practitioner
  • 2007 CPR/BLS Health Care Provider Certified
  • 2008 Applied Kinesiology 100 hours 2008
  • 2010 Hanson Muscle Therapy (H.M.T.)
  • 2011 Hanson Muscle Therapy (HMT)
  • 2011 Rock Tape Certified
  • 2011 Selective Functions Movement Assessment (SFMA)
  • 2012 Functional Movement Screening (FMS)
  • 2015 Standford Strength and Conditioning

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What Patients say about Dr. Justin McLeod

Our Patient Meghan O'Holleran shares her experience at Santa Cruz Spine and Sport and treatment given by Dr.Justin Mcleod. Meghan experienced chronic low back pain along with multiple other injuries. Dr. McLeod helped relieve her that pain.
In Santa Cruz, California with Dr. Justin McLeod at Santa Cruz Spine & Sport. Testimony on chiropractic sessions in treating knee injuries, the popliteus muscle, and how Dr. McLeod offers relief and rehabilitation.
In Santa Cruz, California with Dr. Justin McLeod at Santa Cruz Spine & Sport. Testimony on treating lower back pain and how Dr. McLeod offers knowledgeable expertise regarding supplements, correcting postural exercises, and techniques!
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Spreading the stoke to his daughters, Isa and Laila

Spreading the stoke to his daughters, Isa and Laila

Sporting Event Chiropractic Volunteer

  • 2005 Kona Iron Man chiropractic intern
  • 2005 Pleasanton Scottish games
  • 2005 Muddy Buddy mnt bike & run
  • 2005 Sea Otter Classic
  • 2006 Muddy Buddy mnt bike and run
  • 2006 Sea Otter Classic
  • 2006 SC beach volleyball tournament (CVBA)
  • 2007 Kaiser Permanente half marathon
  • 2008 Santa Cruz Phil Kaplan's Beach Volleyball
  • 2008 Santa Cruz Bike Fest
  • 2009 Santa Cruz Big Kahuna Triathlon
  • 2010 Santa Cruz Mermaid Triathlon
  • 2012 Surfers Path Marathon
  • 2014 CrossFit SC Affilaite Cup
  • 2015 CrossFit SC Affiliate Cup
  • 2016 CrossFit SC Affiliate Cup

Justin Mcleod's Interests and Activities

Out side the office Dr. Justin McLeod, DC is out and about with his family and friends enjoying an active and healthy lifestyle.  When the waves are firing you can find him somewhere along the coast, and when its flat you can find him in mountains biking.  He is a father of two girls, Isa and Laila, and husband to his beautiful wife Silvia.  You can follow him in his personal life on their family blog, or his facebook or instagram

Justin McLeod and Isa Boogie Boarding
Isa's Fist year of life