Rotator Cuff and Scapular Strengthening

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Crossover Bands

Rotator cuff and scapular strengthening. In this video @nikki_pettel is demonstrating the seven different exercises that we use to activate the rotator cuff muscles. We have different bands that we use, depending on the exercise. There are heavier bands and lighter bands. In this video the yellow band is the heavier band and the green band is the lighter, the yellow is about 7 pounds while the green is about 3 pounds of resistance. With the first three exercises start with the band at eye level.
The first exercise is a row, using the heavy band. You are trying to engage your scapula's, pull the arms back, hold for two seconds and then return to start. Second exercise is the pull down, also with a heavy band. Engage your scapulas, making sure to keep your elbows extended, retract and pull the arms back pause and then return to start.
The third exercise is the reverse fly, using the Light band. Again engage your scapulas, keeping your elbows extended, pull the band out to an iron cross position hold for two seconds, and return to start.

Now move the band to knee level. Start with the lighter band, the first exercise is a 90/90 row. Row the band so that the elbows and shoulders are in line, then keeping the elbows and shoulders in line externally rotate the hands hold for 2 sec and then return to start.
The next exercise is V for victory, also with the light band. Pull the arms up so that they are in line with the ears at a slight angle. Keep your elbows extended, hold for two seconds at the top and return to start.
Next turn around, the third exercise is scaption, also with a Light band. Start with your hands by your pockets, keep your elbows extended and pull your hands up to about head height, then return to start.
The fourth and final exercise is the incline plus, preform thiswith a heavy band. Start with your hands by your shoulders, palms facing down. You will almost feel a little bit of a chest stretch, then press out and up to about a little over your head. Protract, trying to reach an extra inch and then return to start.

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