How Thai Massage Moves You Outside Your “Norm” for Deeper Benefits


The various physical positions applied during a Thai Massage session can help access and benefit areas of the body other styles of massage can’t quite get to. For example, substantial flexibility can be achieved with combined passive movement and unique massage techniques while in spinal twists and forward bends. Dynamic chest opening stretches counteract the inevitable hunching of desk work. Full body joint articulations help free up mobilization therefore increasing range of motion. Bodywork to hip flexors, hamstring attachment points and large glute muscles can help relieve associated pain in the lower back or hips. This broad availability expands the overall physical benefits of Thai Massage.


No, you do not need to be flexible for this! In fact, if you are tight and inflexible you likely need this all the more. Muscles that have been in a long-held shortened position (such as hip flexors while sitting) or doing a repetitive motion (such as the firearms of a hair stylist) over a long period of time essentially “forget” how to be extended and relaxed. The result is an overall feeling of “stuckness”. Your therapist will put together a sequence of moves and postures specific for your personal needs and tight areas. The stretches move you to your edge and gently outside of your “norm” reminding your body to let go of patterning built up during the day, month and even lifetime. 


Originating in India 2500 years ago, Thai Massage is a healing modality with it’s roots in Yoga. The integration of yoga principles make this bodywork unique to all others. What sets Thai Massage apart most obviously is that it is received fully clothed on a comfortable floor mat instead of nude on a table. Since clothes are kept on the receivers body can be effortlessly guided into various yoga-like positions and deep stretches. 

Book your Thai massage with Sidney at Spine & Sport. She has been a Certified Massage Therapist since 1999, focusing on Thai Massage since her first training at Wat Pho Temple, Thailand in 2006. In addition, she has dedicated many years to teaching Thai Massage as well as Yoga & Brazilian Dance throughout the Bay Area and beyond. 

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