T-Spine Rotation!

Exercise of the Week!

T-spine rotation!

I like to use this exercise before or after I work out to either help prepare me for the movements I'm about to do or to help decompress after a work out.

To set up your lying on the floor on your side. You can use a pillow or towel for your head (in the video I didn't, it's not necessary but it's up to what's comfortable for you). With the roller parallel to you bend your top knee and place it on the roller, so your hip and knee are at 90 and 90 with your body. You are pushing a little bit with the knee into the roller to ensure that your spine is locked in place and to help limit extension. The roller also helps to ensure that your hips are neutral.

Begin by rotating the top shoulder towards the floor and gently begin to rotate drawing your arm across your body. The idea is to bring the top of shoulder down towards the ground. As you move your top arm make sure your head and your eyes follow your hand. Only reach as far as you can go while maintaining eye contact with your hand. Or if the hips start to pull back or the top knee lifts off the roller you've gone too far.

This is by far my favorite exercise for rotation of the back! Test it out and let me know what you guys think!

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Thank You Nikki Ariel Pettel 👋