Daily Hip Openers On The Go

Exercise of the week!

Hi SCSS Family!

Today I have two different exercises for you to help work on hip mobility. 
The idea here is that you can do these anywhere, at work, waiting for the bus, or at home before bed :-) 
3-5 minutes before bed and maybe a couple more times throughout the day. 

The first drill is with your bed or couch or chair :-p
Bring one leg up trying to get your knee flat on the surface. If your knee is off the surface that is ok! Work towards getting it lower. You can also try stepping your back leg back and then lean forward over your front leg. 
Hold for 1-2 min and then switch!

The next exercise is similar but now instead of using a couch you are going to try and bring one leg above your knee to make a figure four position and then hinge forward and lean over your leg. 
If you need have something next to you that you can grab onto to help you balance. 
Or you can also sit on a chair in the same position and lean over your front leg!
For those of you that need a little bit more of a stretch grab under your top foot and pull up to increase the stretch. 

Try these two out! See if you can do them everyday this week and let us know how your feel :-) 

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Thanks @nikki_pettel