Clamshells Intensified!

Exercise Of The Week!

Clamshells Improved!

Exercise of the Week!

This week we have a couple clamshell variations. You can either do this with the band or without depending on how difficult it is for you. 

Start on your side with your base elbow under your shoulder. 
Make sure your other arm is in line with your shoulders and your elbow as well, that way you know you aren't leaning forward or slouching through your shoulders. 
To start squeeze through your glutes and push your forearm and base knee into the floor as you press up into a modified side plank. Think of hip thrusting as you push up to help activate your glutes. 
Now you should be in a side plank. 
From here preform a clamshell. Abducting your top leg activating the glutes even more:-) Make sure the hips stay square so you aren't compensating in any way. 

The next progression, takes you from the clamshell and adds an extra piece. In your side plank Abduct your top leg, Keep the top knee in place try to Internally Rotate the top leg getting the ankle up as high as possible without letting the knee drop. Really resisting the band pulling you down. If done correctly your glutes will be on fire!! But I love this exercise because it activates the anterior and posterior hip muscles!

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