The Fierce Sequence

Exercise Of The Week!

Get fierce with this sequence😁👍

In today's exercise of the week we go over three stretches to help open up the hips.

The first pose is warrior 1. Step into a lunge position with your front foot bent and you're back foot extended straight out. Your back foot can be turned out slightly. Keeping the hips square, and the front knee directly over the ankle, try and lower into your lunge. Relax the shoulders down and draw the shoulder blades towards the spine to open the chest. Try and hold it for a minute before switching sides. Inhale deeply into the belly.

-If that stretch seems a little too intense. Grab a chair and set it down in front of you. Use the chair for balance. Go into your lunge, but only go as low as you feel comfortable with. If you can try and reach one arm up to the ceiling at a time.

In the second position warrior 2 your front heel and the arch of the back foot should be in line. Raise your arms so they are parallel to the floor and reach them out to the sides. Palms down. Your back foot should be angled out at 90°. Make sure the front knee is in line with the middle of your foot. Bend your front knee so that your shin is perpendicular to the floor and if possible the thigh parallel to the floor. Turn the head to look over the front arm. Hold for a minute before switching sides.

-If that stretch seems a little too intense, grab the chair again and set it in between your front and back leg so you're sitting on it. This should help a little with balance but also to help you get more comfortable with the pose. Reach your arms out, look over your front arm. Keep your torso facing the front leg, and the back leg straight. You can also grab the chair and twist into the front leg to open up the back.

The last position is the frog pose. From all fours walk your knees out as far as comfortably possible. Keep your toes together sit back onto your heels and reach your hands forward. Hold for one minute breathing deeply, trying to lengthen the spine.

-If this is a little to intense grab a bolster and set it against your thighs. From there lie over the bolster and relax into the stretch. Try these out and tell us what you think!

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