What Insurance do we take ?

We are here to help facilitate the insurance process.  It is important to understand how your insurance works to avoid confusion. Your insurance is a contract between you and your insurance.    Occasionally we have called the insurance companies to verify peoples chiropractic benefits as a free service.  Occasionally the insurance companies have given us incorrect information.  Therefore, they are not a guarantee of your benefits.   Once we have the EOB (explanation of benefits) 45 days after billing out we will know exactly what they are covering.  Sometime do to this confusion patients can become frustrated with us and feel that it is our mistake, and that they shouldn't be charged for the service that were rendered.  This is incredibly hard for us to deal with when we are just trying to help use their insurance to subsides their health journey.  Please understand that your Insurance Card is not a Credit Card.  If we do not receive payment for the service then you are responsible for the payment regardless.  We spend an entire weekend every January to say current on new laws and regulations.  There is a general trend that we see.  That is, Insurances' loyalties are to share holders and so as they try to get vertical we are seeing premiums going up and benefits going down.  Each year they make little changes to make the reimbursement process more complicated and difficult.  We see this with more reports and paperwork that they make the patient and doctor do.  All this can lead to more unwanted stress distracting us from health and wellness. We understand that people pay a lot for their "Sick Insurance" and they want to use it.  For that reason we continue most major insurance.  Just understand that playing the insurance game is like playing 10 different board games (i.e. Candyland, Banana Grams, Shoots and Ladders, twister, Chess, Trivia Pursuit etc.) with new rules that change every year.  Some insurance have limited their benefits so much that we decided to leave the "in-network."  As "out-of-network" providers we can provided a higher quality of care.  We can still bill to your insurance for you.  However some insurances like HMO's and EPO's plans refuse to pay "Out-of-Network" providers.  With those types of insurance, we can give you a superbill and you can send it in and hope for the best.

Using your Insurance Day 1
If you want to use your insurance day 1, then you need to click on the links below to find the insurance verification form for your insurance.  People should understand their own plans so we have provided specific questions for you to ask.  Your specific insurance form needs to be filled out completely prior to us charging you your insurance copay.  If not completed or lacking information then you will be treated as a non-insurance patient and charged the "cash patient" rate until information is provided. 

Specific Insurance Verification Forms

Click on your insurance below to find out if we are "in" or "out" of network and what specific questions need to be asked to complete your insurance verification. 

Anthem Blue CrossBlue ShieldBlue Cross or Blue Shield Covered California Plans (Exchange Plans)AetnaCigna (Out of Network, but still bill as out of network for patients)

United Health (Out of Network, but still bill as out of network for patients with PPO plans)

Medicare (Non participating provider)

Auto Insurance for Car Accident Other