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Nikki Pettel - Certified Personal Trainer

Nikki Pettel CPT has infectious laugh and passion for working out. With her experience working under the head Athletic Trainer at Cabrillo College, combined with her training in Strength and Conditioning, she is a huge asset to Santa Cruz Spine and Sport.  On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings you can find her working alongside Dr. Justin McLeod. This gives the patient an added benefit of having both a chiropractor and personal trainer observing their movement patterns.  By collaborating together, they are able to evaluate each client; in turn, provide the most efficient ways to mobilize and stabilize specific musculoskeletal conditions. Each program is catered to the client's short term and long term goals.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9-1


A personal session is $85/hr.

Or you can take advantage of our Buddy Plan where you can bring a friend for $5 more.  Each session rate will be only $90/session.  That would be jut $45/person


Nikki Pettel graduated from San Jose State with a BS in Pre-Professional Kinesiology and is planning on attending Chiropractic School in the 2017.  Nikki has a very athletic background participating in gymnastics for 11 years, playing water polo for 7 years, and Powerlifting for 3+ years. Now she trains at CrossFit Santa Cruz and Coaches at CrossFit West, specializing in strength and conditioning and gymnastics. Nikki has been a Personal Trainer since 2014 and a gymnastics coach since 2012. Through her experiences with sports she has realized how important rehab and corrective exercises are, she loves to teach others what she has learned and exercises to help them, while also eager to learn from other trained professionals.


Certificates & awards

  • AA Kinesiology
  • BS Pre-Professional Kinesiology
  • USPA Certified Powerlifting Coach
  • CrossFit L1 Coach
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • State Record Holder for jr. 148lb women squatting 336 lbs.
  • Best Female Lifter June 2014 @ USPA Santa Barbara Open
  • Best Female Lifter January 2015 @USPA Spartan Open
When the weight of the world lands on your shoulders, take a breath, and push it off.

When the weight of the world lands on your shoulders, take a breath, and push it off.

she works hard, then she plays hard

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                                  Cheesin' It!

                                  Cheesin' It!