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Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself
— Hermann Hesse

Mel grew up on a military base in the Mojave Desert and eventually migrated to Northern California for education and work. Interested in entrepreneurship, Mel spent an early part of her career working in start-ups in Silicon Valley. From there she was hired by a for profit university and after several years of progression ended up running the Northern California Campus which included 7 active learning centers. In addition, Mel ran a successful farmers’ market business in the Bay Area for over 24 years.

Deciding to retire, Mel realized that she wanted a new challenge. After practicing yoga almost daily for 5 years, she decided to become a registered yoga teacher. Not wishing to stop there, she is now in the advanced teacher training which when complete will represent a total of 500 hours of study.

Mel has been a fencer and a private pilot and is interested in challenging herself whenever possible. Her practice of yoga has been one of the most rewarding experiences to date. The study of yoga, which is the connection of mind, body, breath and spirit, has brought tremendous joy and growth to her life. Recognizing the connection and interdependence of all life has made her life richer in all ways.

Yoga can be for everyone, but it is predicated on finding the right practice for the individual. Finding a knowledgeable, experienced teacher is very important. An experienced teacher recognizes the individual’s capabilities and helps them grow within those capabilities. Yoga is a life-long practice and over time, the individual, if persistent and consistent in their practice, will see the change and benefit of yoga.