“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”
― Jalaluddin Rumi

Inara Sophia

Inara Sophia, CMT has been facilitating the balance, awareness, and ease of clients through hands-on bodywork Since 2010. Inara’s sessions are tailored towards each clients health issues and desired goals. She compassionately integrates Deep Tissue massage and Swedish massage in her practice that encourages love and kindness for one’s body.

Being a Yoga Instructor, Inara has an deep knowledge of functional body movements patterns and knows how to release muscle and joint restrictions in order to free motion and alleviate pain.

Inara Sophia, CMT spent the first years of her massage practice teamed up with Nourish in Santa Cruz, Scott's Valley Spa and Kristin Bowne Physical Therapy. In 2016 she joined Santa Cruz Spine and Sports team.  With her experience dealing with condition like; chronic back and neck pain, shoulder pain and impingement, Hip pain and tightness,  tendonitis, plantar fascitiis, tension headaches, and structural imbalances, Dr. Justin McLeod has tremendous confidence referring his patients to her. 

Inara Sophia, CMT would love to assist you towards your personal wellness goals, whether addressing chronic, acute, or repetitive stress pain conditions, or simply creating space for the innate wisdom of your body to flourish.


Monday 9-12, Wednesday 11-7:30, Friday 9-12, Saturday 9-1

Thai Yoga Massage


Inara Sophia has just been certified in Thai-Yoga-Massage.  "Thai massage" or "Thai yoga massage" is an ancient healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures.

Traditional Thai massage uses no oils or lotions. The recipient remains clothed during a treatment. There is constant body contact between the giver and receiver, but rather than rubbing on muscles, the body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked.

The recipient wears loose, comfortable clothing and lies on a mat or firm mattress on the floor. In Thailand, a dozen or so subjects may be receiving massage simultaneously in one large room. The true ancient style of the massage requires that the massage be performed solo with just the giver and receiver. The receiver will be positioned in a variety of yoga-like positions during the course of the massage, that is also combined with deep static and rhythmic pressures.

The massage generally follows designated lines ("sen") in the body. The legs and feet of the giver can be used to position the body or limbs of the recipient. In other positions, hands fix the body, while the feet do the massaging. A full Thai massage session may last two hours and includes rhythmic pressing and stretching of the entire body. This may include pulling fingers, toes, ears, cracking knuckles, walking on the recipient's back, and moving the recipient's body into many different positions. There is a standard procedure and rhythm to the massage, which the giver will adjust to fit the receiver.



  • Certified Massage Therapist
  • Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Thai Yoga Massage Therapy
  • CranioSacral Therapy
  • Practitioner of Energy Medicine--Quantum Balancing